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VCA is short for ‘Safety, Health and Environment Checklist Contractors’ (Veiligheids Checklist Aannemers in Dutch) or SCC in English. The purpose of this official checklist is to make sure everyone works in a safe manner.

At present, most construction companies demand that their employees have a VCA certificate. Foreign workers also need to have this certificate, but only if required by your employer!

VCANederland provides English spoken VCA courses in order to achieve this VCA certificate. To fully prepare the course we suggest to study the English version of the coursebook. Directly after the course the examination will take the exam. The exam is also available in the English language.
For larger groups we offer the possibility to organize an English incompany course, please contact our team for more information.

For what activities/companies is SCC certification intended?

SCC is intended for employees in a high-risk environment like building sites and factories.

Do I need B-VCA or VOL-VCA?

With your B-VCA certificate, you demonstrate that you have a basic knowledge of SHE (Safety, Health and the Environment) as required by the SCC. With it, you thus indicate that you observe safe working practices while bearing in mind the environment and your own health as well as that of others. B-VCA is intended for employees, if you are a contractor or a temporary employment agency (in Dutch: uitzendbureau) you need a VCA-VOL certificate.

How to subscribe

To register for a VCA English course and exam you can choose in the calender below your preferred location and date.

If you do not understand Dutch, we will ask you kindly to fill in this VCA English application form or please call us at +31 70 514 64 34. Our team is happy to help you with your questions and registration.

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